Welcome to the Marina Nova WikiEdit

Welcome to NovaNotes, Marina Nova Asylum's... very own wiki.

If you haven't heard of what a wiki is before, it's sort of like an encyclopedia... that anyone can contribute to, and build. I thought it might be a cool idea to have one for the dome, since with people showing up left and right and people disappearing in the same breath... passing on knowledge is key. And if we lose knowledge with people, we can't really get it back. So some sort of copy's gotta exist, so I thought giving this format a try'd be pretty cool. If you've got any questions, y'can leave 'em for me on my page or whatever, or hit me up over the communicators.


PS: Please don't troll 'cause I really don't wanna hand out bans. :(

[[Note this is an IC Wiki for Marina-Nova, and any edits to it should be done so IC/ with IC names. So please read the OOC Page! Anyone in the dome is able to edit it if they want, and they're free to do what they want with it. Just remember that IC action = IC consequences. Rebecca will ban people for fucking with her wiki if they keep it up too long.]]

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